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Oldest Bar in Idaho: White Horse Saloon, Spirit Lake

White Horse Saloon is located in Spirit Lake, Idaho. The community is small (less than 2,000) and legend has it the area was named for two star-crossed Native American lovers who committed suicide in the nearby lake. 

The saloon was established in the same year the town was plotted 1907, and has been in continuous operation since then. 

For most of that time, Spirit Lake was a community ranging in population between about 800 and 900 people. The White Horse Saloon was definitely a local watering hole and center of town. In fact, it’s located in the town’s tallest building. It’s no Sears Tower, however, checking in at just three stories tall.

Simple, but good.

Although Spirit Lake has become a Mecca for those seeking fresh, crisp mountain air and plentiful marine activities, the White Horse Saloon has kept its historical integrity intact.

The saloon retains its original dark wood floors and bar. Decorations include antique saw blades, old photos, and even the bars from the old town jail.

Jake gets us some whiskeys after losing at golf earlier in the day. And maybe a “famous” picked egg.

There are even eight boarding rooms available to those who wish to get tanked at the oldest bar in Idaho. We warn you, however, to steer clear of Room 2. It is said a spirit referred to as “Big Girl” makes her residence there. But for those of you who are into the paranormal, this may just be the room for you.

White Horse Saloon is part of the National Register of Historic Places. It’s definitely a great place to grab a whiskey and chill.