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Master your grill with tips and tricks from Buck Magnussen

Want authentic smokehouse bbq straight out of your backyard?

The purpose of this page is simple: to provide you with the knowledge to produce authentic smokehouse bbq from your backyard.

The focus here is not only on the barbecue trinity of beef brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, but also summer cookout standbys such as whole chickens and chicken thighs.

Each of these meats is slow cooked over low heat produced from coals and flavored by spices and smoke.

The methods are simple but the results are spectacular. Follow our methods and you will produce amazing meats for your family dinners and summer parties.

BBQ Basics

It took us some time and effort to figure out how to master the art of slow and low barbecue cooking. We came to realize over that time that smoked BBQ is simple, but it’s definitely not easy — at least to begin with.

We’ve come up with some resources to get you started on building your barbecue knowledge so that you too can master next-level barbecue.

Learn the basic concepts of smoked BBQ.
Learn how to create authentic smokehouse BBQ using your Weber grill.

The Trinity

Amongst barbecue aficionados there is a “trinity” of barbecued meats that every pit master should be proficient at cooking. These are beef brisket, pork shoulder, and pork ribs.

Different regions of the United States are known for their mastery of these cuts. For instance, Texas is well-known as the capital of beef brisket. The Carolinas are considered the hotbed of smoked pork shoulders. And the cities of Kansas City, St. Louis, and Memphis are known for their pork ribs.

We’ve mastered each of these cuts of meat and have prepared resources to assist you in doing the same.

Learn how to smoke beef brisket Texas-style.
Learn how to smoke pork shoulder like they do in the Carolinas.
Learn how to smoke pork ribs like they do in the midwest.

BBQ Recipes

We would be remiss not to share with you some of our recipes that we use all of the time when barbecuing. You can rest assured that these are well tested and perfected.

Recipe for sweet & spicy BBQ rub for smoking
Recipe for a kick-ass Kansas City-style brown sugar & molasses BBQ sauce.
Recipe for amazing smoked beef brisket chili that is heavy on meat and delicious.