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Golf Course Review: Old Works Golf Club, Anaconda, Montana

Old Works Golf Course, located in tiny Anaconda half an hour west of Butte, is a beautiful course set on the old copper smelting site.

Relics of the past are seen throughout this sweeping course that is a visual treat from beginning to end.

Our graphic above shows the Gold, Copper, and Limestone tees because they align with the familiar black, blue, and whites from your typical courses. However, course designer Jack Nicklaus — yes, him — wasn’t satisfied with providing only those options. He also provides the best players the opportunity to test their skills from a pro-style 7,705 yards from the aptly named Slag tees.

Favorite Holes

Hole 1 – Par 4 (416/424/451)

You jump right into it on the first hole, a longer par 4. A wide landing area on the drive is offset by the blag slag bunker guarding the green.

Hole 3 – Par 5 (532/555/587)

A three-shot par 5 up the hill with a 90-degree right turn at the midway point. A beautifully set green framed by the blag slag bunkers greets you at the end.

Hole 7 – Par 3 (190/215/238)

An elevated tee provides perspective as you seek to hit the oasis of green in the sea of black.

Hole 11 – Par 5 (546/581/597)

Another monster par 5 that requires three shots. The final over a small river to the green.

Old Works is unique and fun to play.

Black slag a feature throughout. All sand features are made of the slag – a by-product a copper smelting – which gives the course a unique look and feel. More pebbly than sand, it takes a little bit to get used to it. But hopefully, you’re not in it too much.

Rated as the #2 public golf course in Montana by both and Golf Digest, Old Works features all of the aspects you normally expect from a premier course. Rolling fairways, finely maintained and undulating greens, punishing hazards, and sweeping views providing sense of place are all on display.

High prairies set among the mountains that frame the course. Blag slag from the local coal mines are used for the bunkers. A very unique course.

Overall, this course is a fine choice for anyone attempting to complete the Bars & Pars challenge. Or, for that matter, any golf lover who happens to wander in around these parts.