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Golf Course Review: Three Crowns Golf Club, Casper, Wyoming

An Oasis Along the Old Oregon Trail.

The drive from Colorodo to Wyoming is pretty long and there really is not a whole lot to see until you cross the border except for a couple Budweiser plants. Really, Budweiser? Hey Coors, you’ve let them infiltrate your home territory! Come on, man…

Wyoming, however, is pretty cool. I’ve only been there a couple times but both times the natural beauty of the area has impressed me.

The road to Casper is full of history. Once you get up to around Laramie, you are in old Oregon Trail territory. In fact, a little sojourn to the little town of Guernsey will allow you to walk among old wagon wheel ruts. Good stuff.

Casper is one of Wyoming’s “big” cities, coming in at a population of around 55,000 people. Located at the northern end of the Laramie Mountain Range, its main geographic feature is the winding North Platte River.

Three Crowns Golf Club sits on an old oil refinery site.

Opened in 2005, Three Crowns Golf Club follows the trend of reclaiming old mining and waste sites and repurposing them in ways that benefit the community.

The golf course sprawls across the landscape and features eight blue water lakes and 61 sand bunkers, not to mention ever present views of the Laramie Mountain Range.

The practice facility is wonderful and features a wide driving range and large chipping and putting greens.

The fairways are carpeted with Kentucky Bluegrass and the greens with A-1 bentgrass. Both are immaculately kept by the awesome grounds crew and provide for an enjoyable playing experience.

Wet and sandy.

The challenges presented by Three Crowns Golf Club revolve mainly around avoiding the twin pitfalls of water and sand. Nearly every hole has some water on it and some of the bunkers are downright intimidating.

But overall, the course is very managable. The fairways are wide and inviting and the greens are relatively mellow.

Favorite Holes

Hole 2 – Par 5 (520/555/595)

Rated the hardest hole on the course. Long and guarded by water and sand. Can only get there in two if you’re insanely long off the tee.

Hole 4 – Par 3 (145/185/210)

Par 3 that really punishes mishits. Short or right probably finds its way into the water.

Hole 7 – Par 4 (320/365/395)

Love this one because you can play it safe straight ahead or cut the corner over water. And the green has some major slopes.

Hole 15 – Par 4 (320/355/385)

The primary feature here is the canal that bisects this fairway and narrows it near the end of the safe play. Uphill to an undulating green.

Hole 18 – Par 4 (350/380/415)

A fun finishing hole with a huge fairway bunker right at the 150-yard pole. Surviving this tee shot gets you an approach to a green protected on all sides by sand and water.

Final Thoughts on Three Crowns Golf Club

Three Crowns Golf Club is truly an oasis on the praries of Wyoming. The course is immaculate and the views are simply astounding.

When we were researching this course for the Bars & Pars Quest, we thought that all of the water on this course might make it the most difficult course we would play.

However, the setup is fair and although water certainly does come into play, it is not in any way, shape, or form unreasonable. And it makes for some awesome shots.