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Oldest Bar in Washington: The Brick, Roslyn

The Brick Saloon is located in the tiny former coal mining town of Roslyn, WA (population 893). It has been in continuous operation since 1889, which is just three years after Roslyn itself was founded.

Roslyn, located about 80 miles east of Seattle, is the epitome of rural living. In fact, most of the town’s 19th century flavor has been preserved. The whole downtown area where The Brick is located is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The locals strangely look like animals… but then again, being at the foothills of the mountains, maybe it isn’t surprising.

Its unique character and alluring odes to the past have attracted the attention of filmmakers and producers over the years. The early 1990s show Northern Exposure was filmed there. So were certain portions of the recent Amazon-original series The Man in the High Castle.

The Brick Saloon fits right in with the character of the town. Its founders, John Buffo and Peter Giovanni, gave it the descriptive name “The Brick” because, well, the saloon building was built with over 45,000 bricks. 

The Brick features a working 23-foot water spittoon that runs along the length of the bar, various taxidermied animals, a vibrant local regulars scene, and a mean pastrami sandwich.

They are even thoughtful enough to have a plaque reciting the history of the saloon.